Our School


As a result of consultation with the school community, we as a Board of Trustees believe that this overarching statement and resulting actions will encompass all that we do at Drummond School.



These four values reflect our community’s deeply held beliefs about what is important at Drummond School. 
Our values underpin everything we do at Drummond School and also reflect the values outlined in the New Zealand Curriculum (2007) Through their learning, social, cultural and sporting experiences children at Drummond will be encouraged to value:



After consultation with our community in 2019, The Board of Trustees has developed 3 Strategic Goals which will shape the future of Drummond Primary School. These will be reviewed annually.
Please click here to view the Strategic Plan.
The School has a range of Governance and Management Policies in place to ensure we are meeting our legal obligations.  Behind the Operational Policies, there are more detailed procedures and/or guidelines that state ‘the how what and why’ details.
​It is the responsibility of the Board of Trustees to review and/or ratify policies with the Principal and personnel responsible for the procedures and guidelines that implement the policy. The ratification of policies is an ongoing process undertaken by the Board of Trustees at Board meetings.